Ochre to be released via Emancipator's Loci Records

when I first dipped my toes into the electronic music world many many years ago one of the first artists that was recommended to me, and an artist that ultimately became one of my favorites, was Emancipator. Doug has such masterful control over his craft and creates such amazing music, it's hard to not thoroughly enjoy it!

a few months ago I had a fan-girl moment when Doug struck up a conversation with me on Facebook out of the blue. we got to talking and ultimately decided that working together would be a great idea.

after many talks and days of secrecy, I am beyond thrilled to finally announce that Edamame has been welcomed with open arms into Emancipator's Loci Records family and I will be releasing my 10th album, Ochre, with them on July 22nd! that's just one month from now!

i worked my butt off on this record and I'm very happy with the end result so it's been truly an honor to have Loci show interest in it's release. it's pretty mind blowing to have an artist that I am such a big fan of want to put my next album out for me and I wouldn't have imagined such a thing in a million years.

stay tuned, Ochre is coming July 22nd and it'll definitely make you float 🌱 (Y) 🍃 🎶

endless thank yous to all the people who keep listening
ya'll are the best <3