"Posturing lo-fi atmospherics at the side of silky smooth crimson beats, singing synths, and verging almost new age in some breaths, Chicago instrumentalist Edamame falls genre-less on the ears and delightfully so. More of an organic experience than emotion-provoking, this beatmaster invites his listeners on a brainwave joyride.

Solid instrumental hip-hop or lounge (or any other wine-dripping, dark-hued genre) sparks the same effect that Ralph Ellison so eloquently describes in the prologue of his book, Invisible Man:
a surreal, mind-altering experience–tracking deep and deeper still into the blue, purple velvet of the underground that’s smoke-hazed and hypnagogic.

Though Ellison referenced a Louis Armstrong track, the effect is the same. A lush listen, Edamame churns out warm tuneage to wrap the body in."

- 303 Magazine




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Hailing from the city of Chicago, Edamame is the stage name of music producer Ed Harris. Mainly inspired by the great outdoors and different cultures of the world, Ed's productions are often full of organic elements and sounds that he has personally field-recorded while exploring the planet. By synthesizing instrumental hip hop with downtempo and further blending it with his deep love for world music, it's safe to say Edamame has carved a musical style that is truly unique. In his own words he simply creates "songs that help you float". Since starting in 2012, he has released 12 albums that have garnered tens of thousands of downloads, played his music live for fans coast to coast and internationally, had songs played on the radio in countries around the world, and even had United Airlines buy songs from him.  It may be hard to believe that he used to be a nationally touring death metal vocalist.


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